Member Country Report, Market Overview, France – September 7, 2021. 
The Member Country Report of France included a market overview and the presentation focused on the development of heat pumps in the country. The delegate began by providing facts and figures about the French heat pump market, which has been one of the leading European heat pump markets for several years, with more than 1 million heat pumps sold in 2020. The presentation provided an overview of the buildings and equipment stocks, as well as current challenges in deploying the systems in both existing and new buildings. Policy and financial incentives for addressing these issues have also been considered. An outline of research initiatives ranging from refrigerant utilization to heat pump acoustics has also been identified and prioritized. Download the presentation here.


Annex 45 – Hybrid Heat Pumps: Country report – France (2019). Download the Country report for France here.

Heat Pumps in Smart Grids: Grids: Market overview – Country report for France (2017).  Download the “Market overview – Country report for France” here.

Presentation of AFPAC (Heat Pumps) (2008). Download the presentation here.



High temperature residential heat pump for refurbishing- What preferred refrigerant for the next future? (2004). Download the presentation here.