Member Country Report, Market Overview, China – June 1, 2021.
The Member Country Report of China included a market overview which showed that the overall energy consumption had increased from 400 MTOE in the 1970s to 3400 MTOE in 2019. In 2019, however, coal use fell by 57%, while renewable energy grew by 15.3%. The energy mix in China is also evolving, with renewable energy sources making up a larger share of total generation. China has established several measures to promote clean heating in order to improve air quality, with Beijing taking the lead in introducing the Clean Air Action Plan in 2013. Twenty new pilot towns have been added, and the scope of the pilot cities has been broadened to include extreme cold locations, bringing the total number of clean heating pilot cities to 63 in 2021. Such policies have significantly influenced the rapid development of air source heat pumps in recent years. Heat pump technology researches are currently very active in China. China has now become the world’s largest heat pump producer and application market. In order to meet China’s carbon emission reduction and carbon neutralization goals, heat pump heating will become increasingly crucial. Download the presentation here.


Read the Chinese ExCo presentation, May 2019. The Situation of Heat Pump Technology in China.