Growth record for European Heat Pump Market - 2022 Best Year so Far

On February 20 the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) reported that a new record of number of sold units have been reached – around 3 million of heating heat pumps sold based on early data from 16 markets in Europe. This means an increase of 38% compared to the 2021 sales numbers, which in turn increased by 34% compared to the year of 2020. 

The reported sales number means that the total number heat pumps in Europe is now around 20 million. They are providing heating to about 16% of Europe’s residential and commercial buildings and avoiding 54 Mt of CO2 according to the association.  

EHPA reports that this impressive market growth was achieved despite several challenges including stakeholders throughout the value chain working at capacity and supply chains for heat exchangers, fans, compressors and semi-conductors stretched to the limit. On the end-user level information gaps and upfront and operating cost issues need to be addressed to ensure continuous future demand. 

The extraordinary growth is likely to continue given the need to decarbonise the heating sector in the light of the climate emergency and move away from fossil fuels as set out in the REPowerEU plan. However, the existing challenges need to be addressed on EU level as well as on local level. Except the challenges mentioned above, a sufficient number of skilled installers and other workers, need be ensured by training and retraining the work force. 

In an earlier press release from the end of January EHPA reports that The European heat pump sector has a lot of jobs to offer, but there are not enough trained workers to fill them. EHPA has calculated that they need a minimum of 500,000 skilled full time equivalent employees by 2030 in Europe to be able to fulfil the ambitions of the REPowerEU plan. 

In terms of increases in heat pump sales compared to 2021, Poland leads by quite a margin with slightly above +100% over 2021’s sales, followed by Czechia (99%) and the Netherlands (+80%). When it comes to number of sold heat pumps per households the highest number last year was reported from Finland, followed by Norway and Sweden. 

To conclude, this impressive market growth, contributing to reduced emissions, improved energy security and affordability for end consumers, is the result of the joint efforts of the whole European heat pump community.