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Successful Heat Pump Projects on the Internet

Two related projects are combined here:

  • Successful heat pump installations: dissemination of example projects, selected for the Heat Pump Centre’s year 2000 work programme.
  • Translating case studies, selected for the 2001 work programme.

As the second project builds on the results of the first, a combined description makes sense. Case studies are extremely useful in proving the maturity of heat pump technology and illustrating the benefits. This project has made available case studies on this website, and a simplified method to translate them to your own country.


The project Successful heat pump installations; dissemination of example projects has resulted in a selection of heat pump installations covering a wide range of applications worldwide.


The project Translating case studies helps to answer the question: “How can the results of a case study in one country or climate be translated to predict the performance of the system in another location?”


The project Successful heat pump installations; dissemination of example projects has been finalised.


The project Translating case studies has produced a methodology for translating technical-economic data from specific case studies to conditions that apply in other countries or climates. Tables with default data, particularly regarding climate conditions in different countries, are part of the project result. Users can download an Excel file, fill in the grey boxes with data from their country, and get a first impression whether the heat pump from the case study would be beneficial for them, too.

Implementation and timing

The projects are implemented by BSRIA, UK, in collaboration with the IEA Heat Pump Centre. The project has been finalised August 2002.


The project resulted in the following publication: