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Retrofitting with Heat Pumps in Buildings

The heat pump market potential for retrofitting existing heating systems is substantially larger than for new buildings. However, in most countries, this potential is far from being realised.


This ongoing survey project provides an overview of how technical market barriers can be overcome, particularly in finding solutions for the high distribution temperatures that are often required for existing hydronic heat distribution systems.


The general aim is to contribute to an increased market share for heat pumps (in existing buildings) by identifying technological possibilities and market impediments.


This survey describes the current situation and the potential for installing heat pumps for retrofit purposes in various countries. The focus is mainly on heat pumps for home retrofitting of hydronic space heating systems. However, heat pump water heaters and heat pumps in small commercial applications are also included.

The survey report will cover:

  • Technology developments and current technical barriers
  • Performance and experiences
  • Market status and market impediments
  • Incentives and promotion programmes, particularly relating to retrofitting with heat pumps

The information has been gathered via literature searches, particularly from IEA Heat Pump Centre reports and through searching the Internet.


The project is implemented by the ICG, Norway, in collaboration with the Heat Pump Centre.


The project resulted in the following publication: