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Environmental Benefits of Heat Pumps

The most recent Heat Pump Centre project on the environmental benefits of heat pumps was completed in 1999, in collaboration with ARGE Wärmetechnik, Austria. The study made it clear that heat pumps offer a distinct advantage over conventional heating equipment in terms of CO2 emissions. The study covered the entire energy chain and also included the environmental impact of cooling and refrigeration equipment.

Project description

The project “Environmental benefits of heat pumping technologies” reviewed 21 studies published between 1992 and 1999 and provides extensive emission data on heating and space-conditioning equipment. Among the reviewed studies, one deals with the energy impact of heat pumping technologies (heat pumps and refrigeration), six examine the effects of heat pumps on greenhouse gas emissions in general, fifteen examine the effects of alternative heating technologies and four compare heat pumps with district heating for cogeneration.

This in-depth study of emissions from heat pumps, gas- and oil-fired boilers, reversible air conditioners, and cooling equipment make this report an excellent data source for policy makers, environmentalists, and all those involved in heat pump promotion. The report constitutes a valuable and timely contribution to the knowledge and insight into the benefits of heat pumps in reducing global warming due to energy use.


The project resulted in the following publications: