Case studies

In this section you find examples of heat pump applications demonstrating the maturity of heat pump technology and illustrating its benefits. The case studies cover a complete range of applications gathered from a wide range of countries and climates. A distinction is made between residential applications, commercial/institutional buildings and industrial applications.

This page also offers a translation option, which allows users to estimate the benefits of a particular installation if implemented in their country, with a different climate, energy cost etc.

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Translation option

This methodology is a simplified tool for evaluating the domestic heat pump cases listed above in the conditions of another country where, for example, the climatic conditions can be different. The methodology, which is contained in Excel worksheets, allows a rough estimation of energy and CO2 emissions savings. Please note that it should NOT be used as a sizing tool.
The following countries are included: Austria, France, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

Read the Translation Metodology here