Ideas and Proposals

HPT welcomes ideas and topics for new international collaborations!

If you have a suggestion for an international collaborative project of the IEA Heat Pumping Technologies, please contact the Heat Pump Centre. The HPT aims to increase the number of collaborative projects and your suggestions are therefore very welcome.

The strategy for the TCP for 2018-2023 includes performing RDD&D activities within the areas of heating, cooling and refrigeration for the building, community, transport and industrial sectors, while widening the scope to include the following points to a larger extent:

  • Affordable and competitive technologies for heating;
  • More efficient cooling and air-conditioning, especially in warm and humid climates;
  • Flexible, sustainable and clean system solutions (e.g. in urban areas) using combinations of heat pumping technologies with energy storage, smart grid, solar and wind energy, thermal networks, energy prosumers, etc.;
  • Possibilities offered by the developments in the area of digitalisation and Internet of Things;
  • New or special markets and applications, including automotive, industry and consumer products (e.g. white goods);
  • New, alternative or natural refrigerants with lower global warming potential, high thermodynamic potential and low toxicity for both new and existing applications

The following ideas/proposals are right now under development of becoming a new Annex in the Heat Pumping Technologies TCP. If you are interested in any of the ideas or have other ideas, please contact the person listed in the table below, your ExCo delegate or the Heat Pump Centre.

Idea/Proposal description Status
Combined ECES/HPT Annex proposal:
Affordable heating and cooling for buildings for the 21st century – Comfort and Climate Box.

Integrated systems consisting of heat pumps and storage are an important technological option to accelerate the use of renewable energy for heating and cooling. By combining heat pumps and storage, several issues may be tackled, such as grid load balancing; increased self-usage of renewables; optimizing economics, CO2, fuel use and supply security.

Commercial development of these packages is progressing slowly. This Combined Annex will help accelerate market development.

The goal of this Combined Annex is to develop and disseminate knowledge, evaluate prototypes and coordinate field tests involving HP/storage-packages in existing buildings.

Contact: Marion Bakker,

Internet of Things for Heat Pumps

The IoT Annex focusses on the opportunities and challenges of IoT enabled heat pumps. Connected devices will play a major role in the future addressing multiple aims, such as increased comfort for the user, reduction in energy consumption and decarbonization of heat supply. The Annex will include both, heat pumps for household and commercial applications and heat pumps for industrial applications. It aims to increase knowledge at different levels (OEMs, heat pump manufacturers, consultants, installers, legislators, etc.) and to provide guidance and contributions to the development of future standards.

Contact: Veronika Wilk,

How to improve the channel between manufacturer and end-user, to extend the good use of heat pumps

Contact: Marion Bakker,

Heat pumps in multi vector energy systems, second phase.
Showing flexibility benefits through HP implementation in DHC networks.

Contact: Svend Pedersen,

Communication/diagnostic Protocols for Heat Pumps.
This Annex proposal is a continuation of Annex 36 “Quality Installation / Quality Maintenance Sensitivity Studies”.

Contact: Antonio Bouza,

Proposal – Parked
Energy storage with heat pumps in smart energy grids.

Contact: Peter Wagener,