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Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, USA

Heat pump systems with low GWP refrigerants

This annex aims at promoting low GWP refrigerant application to accelerate phase down of high-GWP HFCs by developing design guidelines of optimized heat pump components and system for low-GWP refrigerants through the review of available low-GWP refrigerants, their properties and applicable standards, safety and flammability of refrigerants, and safe use of flammable refrigerants:

• Optimization of heat pump components and system for low-GWP refrigerants;

• Analysis of the LCCP impact by the current design and optimized design with low-GWP refrigerants;

• Market opportunity study for heat pumps with
low-GWP refrigerants and low-GWP refrigerants availability for 2030. Target applications are air-conditioning and heat pump systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Annex 54 aligns with IEA’s vision and mission by targeting clean, low-carbon energy systems’ design and applications. It will assist IEA to achieve its strategic goals by promoting new, alternative or natural refrigerants with low-GWP for heat pumps. By engaging experts world-wide, the annex will promote environmental awareness to policy makers.