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Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom

Heat Pumps in District Heating and Cooling systems


The official end date of Annex 47 is 31/12/2018. Compilation of the final report is ongoing.


The objective of this annex is to gather information and ideas for policy makers and decision makers and planners of energy systems in urban areas concerning the possibilities and barriers related to the implementation of heat pumps in DHC systems.

One objective will be to suggest how heat pumps can be implemented in both new and old district heating systems in the best way. The different types of integration will be described. The differences and possibilities in integration in both central and local systems will be described.
The possibilities of increasing a larger share of renewable energy or using excess heat in the different systems by using Heat Pumps will be a focus area. Minimizing the system losses by using Heat Pumps will also be an objective.

Existing projects where heat pumps are integrated in district heating systems will be described and evaluated for each participating country.

The market potential and economic opportunities will be evaluated and described for each participating country.