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The Netherlands

Participating countries

Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States

Heat Pumps in Smart grids

The main focus of the Annex was on arranging the information on heat pumping technologies in such a way that it will lead to better understanding of the opportunities and using these in the right way in order to reduce the use of primary energy consumption and the CO2-emissions as well as energy costs.


The objective of the Annex was to reduce the use of energy and emissions of greenhouse gases by the increased implementation of heat pumps in smart grids, by:

  • Generating information for policy makers
  • Developing information for stake holders in the heat pump industry and its supply and consulting chain and for policy makers
  • Getting insight in decision making processes related to heat pumps
  • Increasing the knowledge and information about heat pumps, data and getting existing information available
  • Applying new technologies and identifying the needs for technological development
  • Creating a network of experts
  • Finding synergy with renewable energy production to increase flexibility of the grid