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Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan ), Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA.

Thermophysical Properties of Environmentally Acceptable Refrigerants

The phasing out of CFCs and HCFCs has led to a global quest to find alternative refrigerants for heat pumping equipment. Therefore the IEA Heat Pump Programme started this project – Annex 18 – entitled: Thermo Physical Properties of Environmentally Acceptable Refrigerants, and was an international study of refrigerant properties. The project made an important contribution by carrying out an international study into the thermo physical properties of the leading contenders.

The information generated was used by a broad spectrum of scientists and engineers working on heat pump, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Annex 18 has also helped advance refrigerant understanding by bringing together properties experts in a spirit of international cooperation.


  • To provide a reliable source of information on refrigerant properties
  • To determine internationally accepted analysis tools, such as equations of state
  • To enable better equipment design using environmentally acceptable refrigerants