Annex 61 meeting held in Rapperswil

A 2-day expert meeting of IEA HPT Annex 61 has been held in Rapperswil on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4. The meeting has been attended by representatives of the six countries AT, BE (online), CH, DE, NL and the USA (online). Also two new participants of the German team, the engineering office TEB and the Technical University Freiberg have attended the meeting.
The first meeting day was dedicated to give an update on the national contributions to the Annex 61, whereby also the contribution of the new participants of the German team have been presented, which comprise different case studies of PED in Germany.
Furthermore, a definition of Positive Energy Districts for the work in Annex 61 as well as generic system concepts for the integration of heat pumps in districts has been discussed.
In the morning of the second day results of the Task 1 State-of-the-art analysis has been presented and discussed, how results can be published, e.g. in form of a conference paper or journal publication.
In the afternoon of the second day a technical tour to the national Heat pump test centre WPZ, which is also part of the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences at the campus in Buchs. Besides the test facilities, also selected projects of the Institute of Energy Systems IES have been presented.