Annex 61 expert meeting in Belgium

Participants of IEA HPT Annex 61 from the seven countries AT, BE, CH, DE, JP, NL and the US (online) gathered for a 2-day meeting in Belgium on Jan 31 and Feb 1, 2023.

The first meeting day hosted at KU Leuven gave an update on the national contributions to the Annex 61, continued by a discussion on the definition of a Positive Energy Districts for the work in Annex 61. On the second meeting day at the ULB in Brussels generic system solutions with heat pumps for district were discussed.

The meeting already started in the afternoon of Jan 30 with a pre-warming workshop on “Future-oriented districts in reality and research” with Belgian stakeholders and was concluded with a technical visit to “Gare maritime”, a large and multiple award winning recent renovation project in Brussels, based – of course – on a fossil free collective heat pump concept.