The partners of the Annex 50 propose a holistic approach to categorise, describe and visualise the possible solutions of heat pumps applications in multi-family buildings. The whole method is called a “solutions matrix”.

FIRST STEP – overview of concept groups – presents possible solutions grouped in so called “solutions families”. There are numerous possibilities to differentiate and group the solutions of heat pump systems for multi-family houses. The methods differ in terms of the main focus (“the perspective”), and the level of detail consideration of one or several aspects. The consideration of a multitude of differentiation criteria leads to a multidimensional matrix, which is very extensive which may compromise its clarity. Within the framework of the Annex 50, a simple and overarching grouping and presentation have been developed, albeit the strong simplification naturally leads to incompleteness. The result is five “solution families”, which represent the general types of heat pumps solutions in MFH.

Each “family” consists of several “family members”, which represent different variants of the main solution. The picture below shows the overview of all general types of heat pumps solution in multi-family buildings assigned to the five general “families”.

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