The publications from this annex are:

  • A written full report detailing all information
  • An executive summary
  • A 2-page flyer

Reports are available at Annex 32 Publications.

Project manager and participating countries

Switzerland was the Operating Agent acting through the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The following other countries were participating: Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United States.


Task 1 – Systems to be investigated
  • Evaluation of the most common systems for integrated multifunctional heat pumps system
  • Evaluation of heat sources used for integrated heat pump systems
  • Demand structures (space heating/cooling, DHW, ventilation) for low energy houses and possibilities of passive measures (shading, natural cooling, ventilation etc.)
  • Distributions systems (surface heating/cooling, air distribution)
Task 2 – Calculation, comparison and assessment of system solutions
  • Calculation and assessment of the most common system configurations resulting from Task 1
  • Comparison of system solutions among each other and with non heat pump systems with regard to overall energy use and costs
  • Evaluation of adequate control for the investigated systems
Task 3 – Field testing of integrated heat pump systems

Task 3 is carried out in parallel to Task 2 to cross check results of Task 2

  • Establishing of an appropriate measuring concept and instrumentation for comparison with the assessment carried out in Task 2
  • Functionality check and commissioning of test plants and derivation of key values for system performance
  • Summarising and comparison of results for best practice samples in the design guidelines to be developed in Task 4
Task 4 – Design guidelines for integrated heat pump systems for low energy houses including its  control
  • Derivation of design guidelines of the results of Task 2 and Task 3 with regards to the requirements
  • Transfer of the results to standardisation committees to be integrated in standard calculation