Nuremberg, Germany
Nuremberg, Germany - 26 Oct 2017 - 26 Oct 2017

National Experts Meeting of the HPT TCP

Welcome to join us at the one-day National Experts meeting 2017 of HPT TCP (Technology Collaboration Programme of Heat Pumping Technologies)!

The main focus of the meeting will be to find and develop new interesting annex ideas regarding heat pumping technologies, and ultimately forge them into Annexes within the HPT TCP. Thus, the meeting provides a possibility to discuss and influence the contents of a number of future annexes, and to meet and discuss informally with other actors within the Heat Pumping Technologies area.

We are aiming for a mix of participants of Experts within research, industry, and others within the heat pump community.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, 26 October 2017, at the Nürnberg Messe in Nuremberg (Germany), 09.00 – 16.30, room Lissabon.

Please contact Johan Berg,, if you are interested to participate or need more information.

Looking forward to your reply, and hope to see you at the meeting!

Overview of content of the day

  • Presentation of IEA HPT TCP’s Strategy for 2018-2023
  •  Annex idea generation based on the prioritized RDD&D areas in the IEA HPT TCP’s Strategy:
    • a. Affordable and competitive technologies for heating
    • b. More efficient cooling and air-conditioning, especially in warm and humid climates
    • c. Flexible, sustainable and clean system solutions (e.g. in urban areas) using combinations of heat pumping technologies with energy storage, smart grid, solar and wind energy, thermal networks, energy prosumers, etc.
    • d. Possibilities offered by the developments in the area of digitalisation and Internet of Things.
    • e. New or special markets and applications, including automotive, industry and consumer products (e.g. white goods)
    • f. New, alternative or natural refrigerants with lower global warming potential, high thermodynamic potential and low toxicity for both new and existing applications
  •  Description of challenge; annex idea development
    • Heat pump systems/components for low GWP refrigerants (area f above)
  •  Presentations: further development of Annex ideas
  •  Promotion of newly started Annexes (or Annex proposals with an approved legal text )
    • Annex 50: Heat Pumps in Multi-Family Buildings for space heating and DHW
    • Annex 51: Acoustic Signatures of Heat Pumps
    • Annex 52: Long-term performance measurement of GSHP Systems serving commercial and institutional buildings