Virtual Conference
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Virtual Conference - 01 Sep 2021 - 03 Sep 2021

13th IIR Conference on Phase-Change Materials and Slurries for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Papers are welcome on topics related to the aspects of thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants, including but not limited to:

Thermophysical and rheological properties of Phase-Change Materials (PCMs) and Slurries
Materials Science and innovation of PCMs and Slurries
Novel and optimised PCMs and Slurries for refrigeration and air conditioning applications
Transport phenomena and time-dependent behaviour of PCMs and Slurries
Numerical and experimental methods dedicated to PCMs and Slurries
Innovative and improved equipment and logistics for generation, handling, distribution and employment of PCMs and Slurries
Renewable heating and cooling by using PCMs and Slurries
Thermal energy storage and energy savings via PCMs and Slurries
Industrial (food, transport…) and building applications of PCMs and Slurries
Sustainability impact of refrigeration and air conditioning technologies involving PCMs and Slurries

Unfortunately, measures against the pandemia did not develop sufficiently fast to allow a safe and fruitful development of the conference in presence in Vicenza. Accordingly, we decided to run the conference on September 1-3 2021 as an online-only event.