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IEA Heat Pump Conference

Every three years the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies, (IEA HPT TCP) stages the IEA Heat Pump Conference. It is an international heat pump conference that was held for the first time in 1983.

The conference offers a unique meeting place where advances and prospects in technology, applications, and markets for heat pumps, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment and systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications are shared.

The 15th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Vienna, Austria 26-29 May, 2026

The 14th International Energy Agency (IEA) Heat Pump Conference, held in Chicago under the theme “Heat Pumps – Resilient and Efficient,” concluded on a high note with a resounding call for accelerated action in combating climate change and securing energy supply. The conference, which spanned five days and brought together about 400 attendees from 25 countries, served as a crucial platform for discussing the latest advancements in heat pumping technologies and fostering collaboration among policymakers, innovators, investors, academia, and researchers.

Hofburg Vienna, historical building in the center of Vienna

Heat pumps, identified by the IEA as the key heating solution to help meet climate targets, took center stage at the conference. Participants engaged in insightful workshops attended a wide range of presentations by researchers from around the world, and actively participated in poster sessions, fostering the exchange of valuable knowledge on market trends, policies, and standards related to heat pump technologies.

As the conference drew to a close, the Chairman of the Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) Stephan Renz took the stage once again, this time to formally conclude the event. He announced the location of the next conference in 2026. The 15th IEA Heat Pump Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, further highlighting Europe’s commitment to advancing sustainable heating and cooling solutions. The conference will take place in Hofburg Vienna, historical building in the center of Vienna, 26-29 May, 2026. The Chair of the next National Organizing Committee (NOC) will be Thomas Fleckl, who served as the Chair of the International Organizing Committee (IOC) for this Conference.

The conference has underscored the importance of swift and decisive action as the world grapples with the escalating climate crisis. With the 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference setting the stage for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, stakeholders are now better equipped to implement sustainable solutions and bridge the gap between ambitious targets and effective action.


Past Heat Pump Conferences

Proceedings from the HP Conferences can be downloaded for free from our publication database.


2023 – Chicago, USA “Heat Pumps – Resilient and efficient”

During the opening ceremony of the conference plenary prensetations were held on the topics policy and technology. Presentations available can be downloaded by clicking correspondning name.


Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Jennifer Granholm, US Secretary of Energy
Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Deputy Director-General DG Energy at the European Commission
Stephan Renz, Chair of IEA HPT TCP


Min Soo Kim, President of the General Conference of IIR
Reinhard Radermacher, Professor from University of Maryland
David Porter, Vice President, Electrification & Sustainable Energy Strategy, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)


Read an account of the opening ceremony and the presentations here>


2021 – Jeju, Korea “Heat Pumps – Mission for the Green World”

Recordings from the opening ceremony and the plenary speeches
are now freely available to watch
here >

Mechthild Wörsdörfer, IEA Director for Sustainability
Martin Forsén, President of EHPA (European Heat Pump Association)
Min-Soo Kim, President of SAREK (Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea) and NOC Chair
Saikee Oh, Vice President of LG Electronics
Xudong Wang, Vice President of AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute)
Noboru Kagawa, Professor of the National Defense Academy in Japan
Stephan Renz, Chair of IEA HPT TCP


2017 – Rotterdam, the Netherlands “Rethink Energy, Act NOW!” 

2014 – Montreal, Canada”Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications & Markets”

2011 – Web conference organized by Japan “Heat Pumps – The Solution for a Low-Carbon World”The actual conference was decided not to be held due to the great Eastern Japan earthquake.

2008 – Zurich, Switzerland “Advances and Prospects in Technology, Application and Markets”

2005 – Las Vegas, United States ”Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications, and Markets”

2002 – Beijing, China “Heat Pumps – Better by Nature”

1999 – Berlin, Germany “Heat Pumps – A Benefit for the Environment”

1996 – Toronto, Canada “Heat Pumping Technologies Towards the Next Century: Applications and Markets”

1993 – Maastricht, the Netherlands “Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Progress”

1990 – Tokyo, Japan

1987 – Orlando, United States

1984 – Graz, Austria