34 years with the heat pump conference

IEA Heat Pump Conference

Every three years the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies, (IEA HPT TCP) stages the IEA Heat Pump Conference. It is an international heat pump conference that was held for the first time in 1983.

The conference offers a unique meeting place where advances and prospects in technology, applications and markets for heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications are shared.

In conjunction with the International Heat Pump Conference, the Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award is awarded.
Read more about the Rittinger Award here.


Past Heat Pump Conferences

Proceedings from the HP Conferences can be ordered from our publication database.

2017 - Rotterdam, the Netherlands
"Rethink Energy, Act NOW!" 

2014 - Montreal, Canada
"Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications & Markets"

2011 - Web conference organised by Japan
"Heat Pumps - The Solution for a Low-Carbon World"
The actual conference was decided not be held due to the great Eastern Japan earthquake.

2008 - Zurich, Switzerland
“Advances and Prospects in Technology, Application and Markets”

2005 - Las Vegas, United States
”Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications, and Markets”

2002 - Beijing, China
"Heat Pumps - Better by Nature"

1999 - Berlin, Germany
"Heat Pumps - A Benefit for the Environment"

1996 - Toronto, Canada
"Heat Pumping Technologies Towards the Next Century: Applications and Markets"

1993 - Maastricht, the Netherlands
"Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Progress"

1990 - Tokyo, Japan

1987 - Orlando, United States

1983 - Graz, Austria