Ideas and Proposals

HPT welcomes ideas and topics for new international collaborations!

If you have a suggestion for an international collaborative project of the IEA Heat Pumping Technologies, please contact the Heat Pump Centre. The HPT aims to increase the number of collaborative projects and your suggestions are therefore very welcome.

Are you working in the heat pumping field and have an interest to join a project, please contact the person listed in the table below or the Heat Pump Centre.

A number of areas of interest for future HPT Annexes (projects) have also been identified. If you are interested in any of the ideas or have other ideas, please contact the person listed in the table below, your ExCo delegate or the Heat Pump Centre.

The following ideas/proposals are right now under development of becoming a new Annex in the Heat Pumping Technologies:

Idea/Proposal description Status
Diagnostic / Communication Protocols for Heat Pumps

This Annex proposal is a continuation of Annex 36 “Quality Installation / Quality Maintenance Sensitivity Studies”.

Contact: Antonio Bouza, antonio.bouza @

Acoustic Signatures of Heat Pumps

Contact: Christoph reichl, christoph.reichl @

Non-Vapor-Compression Technologies

Contact: Van Baxter, baxtervd @, and Rainer Jakobs , dr.rainer.jakobs @

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Contact: Emina Pasic, emina.pasic @