The objective of the Annex is to analyse the information on DHW-heat pumping technologies and structure it to the market – ranging from end user to consultant, building constructor, and policy maker – in such a way that leads to better understanding the opportunities and implementing them in order to reduce the use of primary energy consumption and CO2-emisions and lower energy costs.

The objectives will be achieved by common studies performed by the participants for each country, where the work under Annex 46 includes:

  • Reviewing available domestic hot water heat pumps, including their non-technical (future) issues, and analysing and reporting on the differences
  • Reviewing the different system concepts for domestic hot water in their various applications, including recent innovations and application potential
  • Gaining a better understanding of the use of domestic hot water in order to create a solid basis for test and standardisation procedures
  • Developing and validating a model to enable an objective comparison of domestic hot water heat pumping technologies and systems
  • Data base construction with showcases to inform stakeholders of the viability of concepts, and setting up and monitoring demonstration projects or field experiments
  • Creating a web-based information platform to serve participating countries by publishing information on their market approach and training courses. The dissemination and communication activities will be based on the annex’s findings and will also be shared with the adjacent annexes.
  • Holding regular workshops
  • An overview of R&D on DHW HPs, along with the R&D still needed, will be provided to industry players, institutes and governments with the aim of achieving simple and low-cost solutions with an installer- and end-user-focused design based upon a system-wide perspective.

Project manager and participating countries

France, Japan, the Netherlands (Operating agent), South Korea, and UK.

The Annex is still open for new participants. Contact your Executive Committe (ExCo) delegate and Onno Kleefkens (onno @ phetradico.com) if you are interested in participating in Annex 46.


The Annex has been structured into the following tasks:

  • Task 1. Market overview, barriers for application
  • Task 2. Systems and concepts in comparison to alternatives
  • Task 3. Modelling calculation and economic models
  • Task 4. R&D
  • Task 5. Example projects and monitoring
  • Task 6. Communication and training

Publication and result

The main deliverables of this annex are:

  • An Internet website (linked to the Implementing Agreements sites), giving up-to-date information on: market overview with possible applications and examples of demonstration projects or cases; tools for the sizing of Domestic Hot Water heat pumps and calculating their energy and economic performances; good practice guide, evaluating users’ experience in different projects.
  • Insight in real performances and use of domestic hot water as input for standards and calculation models
  • An online database about available technologies, components, materials for, and R&D on DHW heat pumps.
  • A reference guide describing presently available domestic hot water heat pump systems with their applications; software tools, their application and users’ experience.
  • Usable input for the development of training courses for installers in the various participating countries

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